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Inventory History Logging for the Soapbox Engage Shop app



This exciting release adds even more features and functionality to the Soapbox Engage Shop app, specifically relating to the newer inventory management features.

Now, when an admin adjusts the inventory amount of a product on the Inventory tab, they can add a note pertaining to the change. This could be useful for indicating the last remaining stock available, shipment and delivery dates, product variant information, or any other number of important notes.

Additionally, all adjustments made to inventory made on the Inventory view are now visible as a log. The log is located on a new tab in the Add/Edit Product view.

Happy Soapboxing!


  1. Allow admin to add a note when they adjust inventory on Inventory tab

  2. Show log of inventory adjustments in the Add/Edit Product view

How-To Articles

  1. Viewing a log of inventory changes for a product or product variants

  2. Updating available quantities on the Inventory view of the Shop app

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