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Enabling Household Attendee Registration for logged in users


With Soapbox, in you have our Salesforce User Integration add on, you have the option of personalizing the logged in user event registration experience by displaying a drop down of Contacts that are in the same Account of the logged in user when they enter attendee information.

Customarily, this feature is used in conjunction with the Salesforce Household Account Model to allow family members to register other members of their family for an event such as a parent registering a child. However, this can also be used for Organizational Accounts if you wish one Contact of an Organization Account to register other Contacts in the same Account by selecting from a drop down.

To enable and customize household attendee registration:

  • Open the Events Configuration view
  • Click the Attendee Info tab
  • For Enable Household Attendee Registration, select Yes or No. Selecting yes will display a drop down on the Attendee Information form from which the logged in user can select from Contacts associated with their Account in Salesforce. Selecting No will display no drop down.
  • For Restrict Attendees to Existing Household, select Yes or No. Selecting Yes will allow the registrant to only select from the drop down. Selecting No will allow them to select from the drop down or type in an attendee not in in the drop down.
  • For Excluded Household Member Field, choose a Salesforce field on the Contact object where, if the value is true, a Contact will not be included as an existing household member when selecting event attendees. You may choose to create a formula field for use here so you can evaluate exclusion based on one or more criteria on the Contact record.
  • Click Save

Considerations with Household Attendee Registrations

When Enable Household Attendee Registration is set to Yes, First Name, Last Name, and Email fields for the Attendee Information will always be displayed, even if they are set to hide in the admin, and auto-populated when a selection is made from the drop down. Conversely, any other standard attendee field will not be displayed, even if enabled in the admin (e.g., Salutation, Title Organization, etc.) Any custom attendee field will be displayed as set in the administrator.

If an anonymous user has access to register for a given event that has Enable Household Attendee Registration set to yes, no drop down will be displayed and they will be able to enter any values in the Attendee Information fields.

You have the ability to override both the Enable Household Attendee Registration and Restrict Attendees to Existing Household parameters on an event by event basis.

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