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Disabling an administrator user account


If you wish to remove access to the administrator for a given user, you can disable their user account depending on the user group they are associated with and your permissions.

If a user is in the Public Back-end > Manager group, any user in the Public Back-end > Administrator can disable their account.

If a user is in the in the Public Back-end > Administrator, only a user in the Public Back-end > Administrator that is designated as an Account Owner can disable their account.

To disable a user account:

  1. Login to the Administrator with your own admin login
  2. Go to the User Manager
  3. Locate the user you wish to disable
  4. In the Enabled column, click the green check mark
  5. Confirm that the page reloads and the green check mark is replaces with a red X

If you want to delete or remove an admin user, please submit a support ticket and our team can assist in completing this deletion.

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