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Introducing Donations Modals



Welcome to Donations Modals! This release is game-changing for fundraisers. It allows you to make donating as lightweight and straightforward as possible for your supporters, meaning fewer barriers to giving and more money raised for your cause! Get ready to drive revenue with Modals.


With the Donations apps, there are three ways you can collect gifts from your supporters:

  1. through a donations webpage

  2. through a widget that appears on your site

  3. and, now, through a Modal!

Modals are savvy, beautifully designed components that appear on a user’s screen when they are visiting your website. Colorful buttons encourage them to select a donation amount, and choose to make the gift one-time or recurring. Simple form fields collect the key data you need to track and thank your donors. And all of these buttons and fields are completely customizable to your org’s needs and goals.

Buttons with predefined amounts mean less typing for the user— but there is still an option for them to input their own amount! And speaking of user ease, Soapbox will auto populate a donor’s first and last name fields on the Credit Card form using the data collected in the Contact Information form.

Modal Timing

Controlling when Modals appears is easy. Admin can customize anchor links that open the Donations modal popup from any point on any page of your website. This means you can perfectly time your asks and encourage a deeper connection between fundraising, supporters, and your mission.

Modals support a number of payment gateways and payment methods:

  • Support for credit card transactions for sites using, Braintree, CyberSource, iATS, PayPal Website Payments Pro, and Stripe payment processors

  • Support for bank transfers for site using

  • Support for Apple Pay transactions for sites using Stripe

  • Support for PayPal Standard transactions

Modals also support a number of integrations:

  • Salesforce

  • Microsoft Fundraising & Engagement

  • 360MatchPro Double the Donation integration for employee gift matching

Happy Soapboxing!


  1. Encourage more donations with Modals

  2. Pre-populated buttons and fields

  3. Use anchor links to control when Modals appear

  4. Integrate with Salesforce and Microsoft Fundraising & Engagement

  5. Auto populate Credit Card form’s first and last name fields form the Contact Information form

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