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Conditionally show or hide custom Salesforce fields in the Attendee Information section of an Event registration form


If your site has Salesforce integration enabled to connect it to your Salesforce instance, you can include custom fields in the Attendee Information form beyond the standard fields available in the Events app. To do so, you must first add the field in Salesforce to BOTH the Ticket Temp and Tickets objects in Salesforce. Each field should have the exact same Field Name as each other.

If you wish, you can conditionally show or hide a custom Salesforce field based on the value of one or more custom Salesforce fields in the Attendee Information section. To do so, you'll first need to add the controlling field or fields to the event.

To add the dependent field:

  1. Login into the administrator
  2. If you have recently added the field to the Lead object in Salesforce, click the Clear Cache icon in the header of the administrator. This will refresh data about your Salesforce instance and let Soapbox know you have added a new field.
  3. Open the Event to which you wish to add your custom field
  4. Click the Attendee Info tab
  5. In the Custom Salesforce Fields section, click Add Salesforce Element
  6. For the Salesforce Field drop down, choose the Salesforce field you wish to add and enter in the relevant field values for the other parameters in the modal. For more details, refer to Adding custom fields from Salesforce to Attendee Information form.
  7. At the bottom of the modal, for Enable Conditional Logic, select Yes
  8. For the "Show...this field if…" drop down, leave the selected value as "Show" as this is the only option supported at this time
  9. Next to "1.", select the controlling field you wish to reference for this conditional field
  10. In the picklist on the next line, select the operator you wish to use to evaluate the criteria (e.g., equals, doesn't equal, contains, etc)
  11. In the text parameter to the right of the operator picklist, enter the string you wish to use as part of the criteria
  12. If you with to add another criteria, click Add New Condition and repeat the process
  13. For the Logic parameter, leave it blank if you have only one condition. If you have multiple conditions and you wish them all to be true to trigger the display of the conditional field, leave the Logic parameter blank. If you wish some but not all of the conditions to be true to trigger the display of the conditional field, define the Logic using AND / OR, the number of the various conditions, and parentheses if you need to nest the logic. For instance, if you have two conditions and you wish the controlling field to appear if either are true, you can enter "1 OR 2". If you have three conditions and you wish the controlling field to appear if either of the first two conditions and the third condition is true, you can enter "(1 OR 2) AND 3".
  14. Click Save in the modal
  15. Click Save for the event
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