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Adding custom Soapbox fields to a Product


If you wish to collect additional information from a visitor when they order a product through the Shop shopping cart experience, you can include custom Soapbox fields for a Product. Adding custom Soapbox fields to a Product will cause them to be applied to the product detail view in the Shop shopping cart experience. The values entered by the visitor will be saved locally to your Soapbox site and will be accessible when viewing the the Order detail view.

The user experience on the front end is the same for custom Soapbox fields as it is for custom Salesforce fields with the latter having their values saved to Soapbox and Salesforce and the former only to Soapbox. If you wish, both custom Soapbox and custom Salesforce fields can be used with the same product.

Currently, any of the following field types can be used as custom Soapbox fields:

  • Text
  • Picklist
  • Checkbox

To add custom Soapbox fields to a Product:

  1. Login into you administrator
  2. Open the Product to which you wish to add your custom fields
  3. Scroll down to the Custom Soapbox Fields section
  4. Click Add Custom Soapbox Field to the right of the page
  5. In the popup, for Type, choose the desired field type
    1. If you select Picklist, enter the values from which you wish the visitor to select
    2. If you select Checkbox, choose No or Yes to display the field as a checkbox. If you select No, it will display as a radio option with the values of Yes and No.
  6. For Label, enter the text you wish to display to the visitor
  7. For Default Value, if you wish, enter text you wish to appear when the visitor first opens the form. If you have select a picklist field, make sure that your default value matches an existing picklist option. If you have selected a Checkbox field, use false or true, as defaults.
  8. For Tooltip, enter text you wish to appear when a visitor mouses over the label of this field
  9. For Field Size, designate if the width of the field should be Large, Medium, or Small
  10. For CSS Keywords, enter keywords you wish to use to customize the display of this field in the attendee form. The following groups of CSS Keywords are available as options, each one of the group applied to a single field. They divide the horizontal space available to the form into fractions noted in their names:
    1. leftHalf rightHalf
    2. leftThird middleThird rightThird
    3. leftFourth middleFourth rightFourth
    4. leftFifth middleFifth rightFifth
  11. For Published, choose whether or not you wish to display this field to visitors
  12. For Required, choose whether or not you wish to require this field
  13. For Hidden, choose whether or not you wish to include this field on the form but not display it to the visitor. This is helpful if you wish to include a Default Value that is passed as a value to the Salesforce record which is created.
  14. For Access Level, choose whether you wish this field to be available to anyone or only to logged in users.
  15. Click Save
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