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Editing existing integrations with Zoom to track attendance in Soapbox and Salesforce


As of October 2023, the Events app integration with Zoom supports the tracking attendance in Soapbox and in Salesforce. If you have previously created a Zoom Server-to-Server OAuth app and integrated it with Soapbox, you will need to update that integration in both systems.

To edit your existing Zoom Server-to-Server OAuth app:

  1. Go to
  2. Login as the Zoom user that is the owner of your account
  3. Click Manage
  4. Under Created Apps, click the Server-to-Server OAuth app you created earlier
  5. Click Feature
  6. On the next screen for Features, copy and paste the value for the Secret Token for the App Feature in a temporary place for use later
  7. Under General Features, enable Event Subscriptions
  8. Click Add Event Subscription
  9. For Subscription Name, enter "Attendance Join/Left Meeting/Webinar" or another name of your choosing
  10. For Select a Method, confirm that Webhook is selected
  11. For Event Notification Endpoint URL, enter your Soapbox Engage domain followed by ?option=com_zoom&view=webhook

    Soapbox prefix domain example:

    Custom domain example:
  12. Click Validate
  13. Click Add Events
  14. In the popup, select the following:
    1. Meeting > Participant / Host joined meeting
    2. Meeting > Participant / Host left meeting
    3. Webinar > Participant / Host joined webinar
    4. Webinar > Participant / Host left webinar
  15. Click Done
  16. Click Save
  17. Click Continue
  18. Click Continue

Once this has been done, you're ready to add your App Feature Secret Token from Zoom to the Soapbox Engage Events app. To do so:

  1. Login to your Soapbox administrator
  2. Open the Configuration for the Events app
  3. Click the Integration tab
  4. For App Feature Secret Token, enter the secret token you copied from the Feature page of your Zoom app
  5. Click Save

Recording attendance information in Salesforce

If your Soapbox Engage site integrates with Salesforce and you wish to record Zoom attendance information in Salesforce, your Soapbox Events for Salesforce managed package will need to be updated to at least v2.15.

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