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Enabling attendance tracking in Soapbox and Salesforce for a Zoom Meeting or Webinar


The Events app integrates with Zoom so that you can associate a Soapbox Event with a Zoom Meeting or Webinar and have registered attendees of a Soapbox Event automatically created as Zoom registrants.

For each attendee registered through Soapbox and recorded as a Zoom Meeting or Webinar registrant, Soapbox will track attendance and associate it with the Ticket record in Soapbox, if your Zoom integration has been set up to enable this. Attendance tracking can be seen on the Ticket detail view in the Soapbox administrator.

To track attendance, you must have Event Subscriptions enabled for your Server-to-Server OAuth app in Zoom and entered the App Feature Secret Token from Zoom in Soapbox.

For details on this process, review the following if you have not created a Server-to-Server OAuth app in your Zoom account yet:

Connecting the Events app to a Server-to-Server OAuth app in your Zoom account

If you have create a Server-to-Server OAuth app in your Zoom account and need to enable Event Subscriptions, review this article:

Editing existing integrations with Zoom to track attendance in Soapbox and Salesforce

Attendance tracking in Salesforce

If you wish to have Zoom attendance recorded in Salesforce for a Ticket record, you'll want to do the following:

  1. Ensure that your Soapbox Events for Salesforce managed package is updated in Salesforce to v2.15. This will create an Attendance object as a child of the Ticket object for tracking Join and Leave events for an attendee.
  2. Enable Attendance Tracking in the Salesforce section of the Integration tab on the add/edit Event view in Soapbox
  3. Ensure that a Salesforce Campaign has been associated with the event in Soapbox. Attendance records will only be created in Salesforce for events associated with a Campaign.

To view attendance records in Salesforce, open the ticket detail view for the attendee in question. Join and Leave actions for the attendee are recorded in the Attendance object in Salesforce which is a child of the Ticket object.

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