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Zoom Attendance Tracking in Soapbox and Salesforce



This latest release adds the ability to automatically track attendance for Zoom Meeting and Webinar registrants in Soapbox and in Salesforce. Each time a registrant joins or leaves a Zoom Meeting or Webinar that is integrated with an Event in Soapbox, that action can be recorded locally to the Ticket in Soapbox and in Salesforce, if you have enabled this feature.

Additionally, this release adds a new Ticket view to the Soapbox Engage Events app in the administrator. Ticket pages look and function similarly to Order pages, and can be accessed from the Order view. When an admin clicks on a specific “Ticket” (Events > Orders > Tickets), they will see key information about the attendee (such as First Name, Last Name) and event as well as attendance information.

In order to begin tracking Zoom attendance in Soapbox, you’ll need to update your existing integrations with Zoom. To record attendance in Salesforce, you’ll need to update the Soapbox Events for Salesforce managed package to v2.15.

For further details on attendance tracking, view the How-To Articles below.

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  1. New Events app Ticket view

  2. Automatically track attendance joins and leaves from Zoom in Events app

How-To Articles

  1. Editing existing integrations with Zoom to track attendance in Soapbox and Salesforce

  2. Connecting the Events app to a Server-to-Server OAuth app in your Zoom account

  3. Enabling attendance tracking in Soapbox and Salesforce for a Zoom Meeting or Webinar

  4. Viewing attendee information for a Reservation in the Events app

  5. Viewing attendance information for a Zoom Meeting or Webinar for Ticket records in Salesforce

  6. Keeping your Soapbox Packages Up-To-Date In Salesforce > Soapbox Events for Salesforce (Current: 2.15)

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