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Digital Products Now Supported in the Shop app



Big news! The latest Shop app release introduces support for digital products, enabling administrators to specify a URL for the location of the digital download for each product or product variant. Digital downloads with the links to their locations are now incorporated into a new dynamically-generated section of the standard email confirmation within the Shop shopping cart template.

Digital products may include:

  • ebooks

  • digital art

  • educational materials

  • virtual services

  • exclusive content relating to your mission

Why is this helpful? Your nonprofit's ability to sell digital products allows you to diversify your revenue streams beyond traditional donations, increase impact and accessibility, and distribute content that can serve as an educational resource while generating revenue.

This release reaffirms our commitment to user convenience and modern e-commerce practices. We hope you enjoy!

Happy Soapboxing!



  1. Ability to designate a product as a Digital Download and define a URL for the location of the digital file for a product or product variant

  2. Dynamically-populated Digital Downloads section for standard Shop shopping cart confirmation email

How-To Articles

  1. Creating digital products and defining download URLs for the product and its variants

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