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Creating a parent event with required or optional sub-events


In the Events app, you have the ability to create a parent event with required or optional sub-events. This functionality is ideal for use cases such as a conference where an individual must register for the entire event and can then register for additional events within the conference itself.

When a parent event and sub-events are created, the following is true:

  1. At least one ticket for the parent event must be included in the reservation;
  2. Any sub-event designated as required by the administrator must have at least one ticket included in the reservation; and
  3. Only the parent event will be visible in Upcoming Events or Past Events views. Any event included as a sub-event will not be included in these views.

To create a parent event with required or optional sub-events, first, create each event individually in the Events Manager. Once you have done so:

  • Open the event you wish to designate as the parent event
  • Click the Edit tab
  • Go to the Sub-Events section of the page
  • Click Add Sub-Event
  • In the popup, select an event you wish to include as a Sub-Event
  • Click Add
  • In the main event edit view, if you wish to make this Sub-Event required, click the red X icon in the Required column to change it from optional to required
  • If you wish to add other Sub-Events, click the Add Sub-Event and repeat the process
  • If you wish to reorder the Sub-Events after adding them, click the + icon in the Order column and drag the Sub-Event to the order in which you wish it to be display
  • Click Save

Current functional limitations

The following are current functional limitations:

  1. Parent events with sub-events can only be used with the standard event registration process. They are not supported by the Events shopping cart or Events enhanced shopping cart.
  2. Restrictions to a ticket type based on logged in user status is supported for parent events but not sub-events.
  3. Confirmation page and confirmation email details show only parent registration details and not sub-event details.



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