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How administrators can register on behalf of participants for an event


The Soapbox Engage Events app allows visitors to place orders and register for an event through its registration pages.  There are scenarios, however, where a staff member or administrator at an organization may want to place an order for an event on behalf of someone.  For example, if someone calls via phone to register for an event, the staff member may want to register that person for an event without requiring the person to use the Events app's registration form themselves.

In this case, the best approach is to have a staff member visit the same Events app page that public visitors view and complete the registration process as if they are the person they want to register for the event.

This process ensures that appropriate access, discounting, capacity, and downstream CRM integrations parameters are properly followed.

At this time, there is no process for registering someone for an event through the Soapbox Engage administrator interface, and instead such registrations are best completed through the front-end process listed above.

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