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How to create a Salesforce Campaign Member record for each Ticket record created by the Events app



The Soapbox Engage Events app's attendee data model in Salesforce uses Campaign Member records to represent orderers, and Ticket records to represent ticket holders (or "attendees").  The reason for this data model is to support the scenario of anonymous attendees as ticket holders, where there is no Lead or Contact record to allow for the creation of a Campaign Member record.

Potential solution

If the requirement is to create Campaign Members for every Ticket record, the best solution will be the creation of a Salesforce automation that creates Campaign Members upon creation of Ticket records.


By doing this, however, the core model of Campaign Member records representing only event orderers no longer applies, and should be taken into account for reporting and other automation purposes.  Additionally, and downstream impacts, such as around event capacities, ticket self-service, attendance tracking, etc, will not apply to the Campaign Member records created, as the Events app will not recognize the Campaign Member object a location to track ticket holders / attendees.

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