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Understanding a 500 error during recurring donations with Stripe



Soapbox Engage's Donations app enables organizations to create online fundraising pages that accept recurring donations and leverage the Stripe payment gateway to process payments.  Sometimes, visitors attempting to process a recurring donation may see the following error in their web browser (such as Chrome).

This page isn’t working

Here’s some potential causes and solutions for solving this problem.


Possible causes and solutions

1. An invalid Stripe Price Id or Plan Id is entered for the page

It is possible that Stripe Price Id or Stripe Plan Id is invalid or missing for the page in question.  A page must have a valid Stripe Price Id or Stripe Plan Id to accept recurring payments.


  1. Login to the Soapbox Engage administrator.
  2. Navigate to the Donations app page in question.
  3. Go to Payment tab > Recurring Payments section > Stripe Price Id field, and note the value in the field.
  4. In a separate browser window, login to the Stripe account associated with the Soapbox Engage account.
  5. Go to left navigation > More+ > Product Catalog.
  6. On the Product Catalog page, click on the name of the product used to represent the recurring donations
  7. On the Product page, note the API ID for the price listed.
  8. Confirm that the Price Id in Soapbox Engage matches the Price Id in Stripe.


  1. Copy the value from Stripe
  2. Paste the value into the Stripe Price Id field for the Donation page.
  3. Click the Save button

Additional help

If this article didn't help solve the problem, please create a new support ticket, and include the following details:

  1. Overview of the problem
  2. URL of the page in question
  3. Custom domain for the Soapbox Engage account (if one exists)
  4. Screenshot (including the address bar) or video showing the problem
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