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Playbook: creating peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns for annual community races


This playbook provides a framework for strategic process to execute annual peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns related to races organized by external entities, such as marathons, triathlons, and more. Utilizing Soapbox Engage's Donations app, this guide empowers organizations to implement a repeatable and efficient method for raising funds through community participation in these events, minimizing manual repeat work and increasing community fundraising impact.

Understanding the campaign structure

There's an important distinction between external race participation and internal fundraising efforts. While races and other activities may by hosted by external parties, organizations can facilitate fundraising related to the event through individual fundraising pages for participants. These fundraising efforts are typically managed as individual fundraising page campaigns within the Soapbox Engage Donations app, eliminating the need for the team fundraising feature unless specifically desired for organizational strategy.

Annual campaign strategy benefits

Creating a new peer-to-peer fundraising campaign each year for the race is recommended, offering:

  1. Year-Specific Progress Bars: Enables specific tracking of fundraising progress for the annual event.
  2. Individual Runner Pages: Allows each participant to have a unique fundraising page annually, fostering personal storytelling and goal setting.
  3. Customizable Language and Call-to-Action: Offers the ability to tailor campaign messaging to reflect annual goals or themes, such as landing pages, confirmation emails, etc.
  4. Separate CRM Records: Facilitates streamlined data analysis and tracking in CRMs like Salesforce, enhancing understanding of campaign performance and engagement trends over time.

Team fundraising consideration

For organizations aiming to enhance the collaborative aspect of their fundraising efforts, enabling the Donations app's team fundraising feature can be useful. This allows for the creation of individual fundraising teams with captains, creating team members, and a collective team fundraising goal. However, if the organization's intent is to unite participants under a single community cause without separate team identities, disabling the team fundraising option is advised to maintain focus on the collective effort.

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