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Troubleshooting Marketing User Checkbox for Integration User


In Salesforce, the Integration User plays a crucial role in facilitating communication between systems. However, there might be some confusion regarding its permissions, particularly regarding the Marketing User checkbox and its implications for campaign creation.

Understanding Marketing User Licenses

It’s essential to note that enabling the Marketing User checkbox for the Integration User does not grant an additional Marketing User license. For example, if you have 10 CRM user licenses then you have 10 Marketing User licenses. Assigning the Marketing User checkbox to the Integration User utilizes one of these licenses.

Potential Issues and Solutions

The Marketing User is technically a "Feature License" where you automatically get one per CRM user. Since the Integration user is not defined as a CRM user, no feature license is provisioned for it.

Therefore, in scenarios where all users have the Marketing User checkbox assigned and there are no spare licenses available, assigning it to the Integration User would not be possible. This situation could arise, for instance, when using the Integration User with external applications like Soapbox Engage, which relies on campaign creation.

While many organizations may not require every user to have campaign creation capabilities, it’s essential to assess the licensing needs and potential limitations, especially when integrating with external systems. This assessment can help free up a license to use for the Integration User.

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