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How to receive donations from organizations using the Salesforce NPSP integration


Soapbox Engage's Donations app allows organizations to make contributions, and to send that data properly to the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).  When these contributions arrive from Soapbox Engage, it's important to handle them differently than individual or family donations. This guide explains how to effectively process and track organization donations using Soapbox Engage’s Donations app.

It's important to note that this process works best when the donor is new (i.e. does not match an existing Contact).

Understanding Salesforce NPSP Account record types

When an organization makes a donation via Soapbox Engage's Donations app, it’s important to recognize that this type of donation will be treated differently from those made by individuals or families. In the Salesforce NPSP, donations from organizations are linked to 'Organization' Account record types, while individual donations are linked to 'Household' Account record types.

Differentiating organization donations from individual contributions

It's important to distinguish between a donation made directly by an organization and one made by an individual that is associated to an organization. When an individual donates and mentions their employer in the donation process, this is often recorded under a separate context, such as through a matching gift program or an employee-led fundraiser. These contributions should not be confused with direct organizational donations. In the latter, the organization itself is the donor and is recognized as such in the NPSP, with the donation directly linked to the organization’s Account record. In contrast, individual donations are typically linked to the individual’s Account record, with an employer or other organization noted as a related party, not as the primary donor.

This article assumes the goal is to accept donations from organizations, not individuals.

Setting up the donation page

On a Donations app page, ensure that the standard Organization field is enabled under the Contact Info section.  When a new or returning donor enters the name of their organization here, the Donations app automatically initiates the process to manage this donation distinctly from individual contributions.

Automations and data flow

Once the organization name is inputted, Soapbox Engage's automations spring into action, with the following important excerpts from the larger process in the NPSP.

Account record creation

An Account record with record type "Organization" is created for the donating entity. This step is vital as it ensures that all future donations from this organization are consolidated under one account, simplifying tracking and reporting.

Opportunity record association

The donation record, known as an Opportunity in Salesforce NPSP, is linked to the newly created organization Account record. This association is essential for accurate donation management and reporting.

Aligning with NPSP standards

This process aligns seamlessly with the NPSP’s standard functionality, which differentiates organizational contributions from those made by individuals. This distinction helps in generating more accurate reports and insights for an organization.


Properly managing organization donations in Salesforce NPSP not only enhances data integrity but also enables more strategic engagement with donors. By leveraging Soapbox Engage’s existing automation features, organizations can ensure that every organization donation is accurately tracked and attributed.

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