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Reorder event detail view sections for all events in the Events > Config


With the Events app, you are able to rearrange elements on the event detail view so that the major sections of the view can be presented in the order of your choosing. These form elements include the following:

  • Summary section: The event date and time and host/venue subheading show in two separate lines
  • When and Where section: The two adjacent blocks for event date and time and location are moved as one section
  • Tickets section: The table of registration options
  • Event Description
  • Host section: The host information, if one has been associated with the even
  • Class Details: Who Enrolls and Semester elements of a class view

To rearrange these event details elements for all events on your site:

  • Open the Events Configuration view
  • Click the Layout & CSS tab
  • In the Event Detail section, using the plus sign in the Order column, drag and drop elements into the order you wish them to appear on the front end
  • Click Save
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