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Improvements to the user experience for donors and those with new front end web user accounts


With recent updates to Soapbox, we've improved the user experience for donors and those with new front end web users.

Donations app

When a Donation form is successfully submitted by a donor, Soapbox creates a Lead record in Salesforce and attempts to auto-convert it. If an error is caused in Salesforce by the attempted Lead creation or conversion - usually due to a custom workflow or validation rule - that error will be displayed to the end user on the thank you page.

As an administrator, you now have the option to hide this error from the end user. For more details, check out the following Soapbox Support Center articles:

User Integration

With Soapbox, front end web user accounts can be created to support any or all of the following:

  1. allow donors to view, update, or cancel their recurring donations;
  2. enable supporters to create peer-to-peer donation forms to raise money on behalf of your organization; or
  3. provide key stakeholders personalized user experiences that connect with their Contact and Account records in your Salesforce instance and support myriad business processes from viewing and updating their information, submitting complex applications, and much more.

When a new web user account is created, either on the front-end or by an administrator, the welcome email sent to the user includes their username and - as of a recent Soapbox update - a link to reset the web user account password, if the user doesn't know their password.

For more, check out New Soapbox web user account welcome emails and passwords.

Happy Soapboxing!


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