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Enhanced transaction filtering and the ability to designate a transaction as fraud


Earlier this month, we updated Soapbox with powerful and easy-to-use search tools for the Donations app Transactions view. At the time, we promised more updates to follow over the coming weeks.

This week happens to be a coming week and, with it, comes more updates! Specifically, we've added the following to the filter pane of the Transactions view:

  • Created Date: We've added the ability to search Last Month's Transactions to the existing options of All Transactions, Today's Transactions, This Month's Transactions and a specific date range.
  • Frequency: Search All Frequencies, One-time, Monthly, or Annual transactions.
  • Payment Occurrence: Search All Occurrences, One-time, Initial recurring, Subsequent recurring, or All recurring.
  • Fraud Status: Search All Transactions, Valid Only, or Fraud Only. The default for the view is set to Valid Only.

Fraud Status is a new setting we've introduced to Donations transactions. It will be accessible to Soapbox users as part of an upcoming major release of a transaction detail view. The detail view, along with presenting an immense amount of information regarding a transaction, will allow you to flag a transaction as fraudulent in Soapbox. So, should you find that a spammer has successfully used your donation form to process a stolen credit card, in addition to flagging this with your payment processor, you can designate it as fraudulent in Soapbox. This designation removes the transaction from the Transactions view and summary totals by default, giving you cleaner data that excludes clutter.

Happy Soapboxing!

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