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Enabling 360MatchPro integration for individual Donations app pages


With the Donations app, you can integrate with Double the Donation's Match360Pro service. Doing so allows your donors to search for their employer when submitting their donation to see if their employer has a matching gift program. Information about the donation, including whether they identified an employer, is sent to your account with Match360Pro for each transaction.

To integrate with 360MatchPro, you must first enable it in Donations > Configuration by adding the public key for your 360MatchPro account. You will also be able to set the default behavior of 360MatchPro for all your Donation forms in the Configuration.

To set enable or disable 360MatchPro for individual Donations forms:

  • Open the Donation form for which you wish to manually set the 360MatchPro integration
  • Click the Integrations tab
  • In the 360MatchPro section, set 360MatchPro Integration as Use Global Config, Yes, or No
  • For 360MatchPro Company Label, customize the text you wish to appear for the label of the company search field to be displayed at the bottom of the Contact Information section of the Donation form. The default is "Search for your employer."
  • Click Save
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