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Assigning a fair market value to a Ticket Type for an event


In the Events, you have the ability to assign a fair market value to a Ticket Type for an event. This fair market value will be recorded in the Soapbox administrator so it is visible when reviewing the tickets associated with a registration. Additionally, if a site integrates with Salesforce, It will be saved as part of the ticket information that is saved to Salesforce.

To assign a fair market value to a Ticket Type: 

  • Open the event you wish to set as at capacity
  • Click the Edit tab
  • Go to the Ticket Information section
  • Click the edit button for the Ticket Type to which you wish to add a fair market value
  • In the popup, scroll to the bottom and enter a numeric value for the Fair Market Value parameter
  • Click Save
  • In the main event view, click Save

NOTE: To save the fair market value of a Ticket Type to Salesforce, the following field must be added to the Ticket Temp and Tickets objects:

Field Label: Ticket Fair Market Value
Field Name: sbx_TicketFairMarketValue__c
Field Type: Currency (16, 2)

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