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Setting a default avatar for a new fundraiser's web user account


When a new web user is created as part of the peer-to-peer fundraising experience, an avatar will be assigned to their web user account. By default, this will either be a gray box with their first initial or the existing avatar from their Google account, if they have chosen to authenticate using Google.

You have the ability to customize the default gray box, if you wish, with an image of your choosing. To set the default avatar for new users:

  1. Open the Configuration for the Donations app
  2. Click the Fundraiser tab
  3. Under the General section, go to Default Avatar
  4. Click the Browse button to choose and upload an image from your computer or, if you have previously uploaded an avatar, select it from the drop down
  5. Click Save
NOTE: In addition to setting a default for new fundraisers, you can customize the avatar for individual users in the User Manager, if you wish.
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