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Recording date of Soapbox user registration to the Salesforce Contact record for sites with Portals



With a recent update to Soapbox, we've enhanced your visibility into which Contacts in Salesforce are connected to web user accounts in Soapbox, if your site has our add on portal service that allows front-end users to login to Soapbox.

Prior to this release, you could capture the last login date for a web user on their connected Contact record in Salesforce. With the latest update, you can also stamp their Contact record with the registration date to a custom field of your choosing so you don't even need to wait until they login to know which Contact has a corresponding web user account.

This is particularly helpful for membership organizations using our portal service or nonprofits using our peer-to-peer fundraising add on wishing real-time data for which Contacts are engaged as supporters.

For more details on capturing the web user registration date, check out Recording date of Soapbox user registration to Salesforce Contact record.

Happy Soapboxing!

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