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Connecting an event with a Zoom Meeting or Webinar so event attendees are automatically added as Zoom registrants


The Events app integrates with Zoom so that you can associate a Soapbox Event with a Zoom Meeting or Webinar and have registered attendees of a Soapbox Event automatically created as Zoom registrants. This will create personalized Zoom Meeting links for each attendee.

To use Zoom Webinars with Soapbox, you must have the Webinar add on with your Zoom account.

To do so, you must first connect the Events app to your Zoom account. Once that is done, you can connect an individual event with an existing Zoom Meeting or Webinar or create a new Zoom Meeting or Webinar directly in Soapbox. Only Zoom Meetings or Webinars with the Zoom Account Owner as Host that have Registration set to Required can be integrated with an event in Soapbox.

Any event that is associated with a Zoom Meeting or Webinar should have its Attendee Information form enabled in Soapbox with at least the First Name and Email fields included, as these are required by Zoom. Soapbox will enforce this requirement, even if the fields are not set as required on the Attendee Information tab for the event. In addition, Soapbox will require the email for each attendee to be unique as the email must be a unique value in Zoom.

To connect an event to a Zoom Meeting or Webinar:

  • Open the event you wish to connect to a Zoom Meeting or Webinar
  • Click the Integration tab
  • In the Zoom section, for Enable Integration, select Use Global Config if you wish to use the default defined in Events > Configuration > Integration tab or choose Yes or No to set it specifically for this event
  • To select an existing Zoom Meeting or Webinar or create a new one, click the Select hyperlink next to Meeting / Webinar Id
  • In the popup:
    • To select an existing Zoom Meeting or Webinar, use the text field to filter the list of Zoom Meetings and Webinars by name. You can also filter by Zoom user by selecting a given user in the Show By User drop down. By default, only upcoming Meetings are displayed. To show existing Webinars, select "Webinars". If you wish past events to appear are well, choose the All radio option. To appear in the list, the Zoom Meeting or Webinar must have the Zoom Account Owner as the Host and have Registration set to Required. Once you find your Zoom Meeting or Webinar, select it and click Select
    • To create a Zoom Meeting or Webinar directly from Soapbox, click New in the popup. Soapbox will automatically populate the Meeting / Webinar Name, Zoom User, Start Date, Start Time, and Time Zone from the values set to the event. You may alter these as you wish. If you wish to alter the type of event from the default of "Meeting", select "Webinar" from the drop down. Click Save.
  • Click Save

To ensure that participants receive the personalized Zoom Meeting links, review Sharing personalized Zoom Meeting links with event participants.

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