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Why aren't Zoom registrants being created for attendees of an event in Soapbox?


If you have successfully connected Soapbox to your Zoom account and connected a Soapbox Event to a Zoom Meeting or Webinar but don't see registrants created in Zoom for event attendees in Soapbox, check the following:

  1. Zoom Integration on the Integration tab for your event is set to Use Global Config when the Events > Configuration > Integrations tab > Zoom section > Enable Zoom Integration by Default is set to No

    Set Zoom Integration for your event to Yes.

  2. Registration is not required for your Zoom Meeting or Webinar

    Update your Zoom Meeting or Webinar to require registration.

  3. Your Zoom Meeting or Webinar has required registration fields beyond Email and Last Name

    Soapbox sends only first name, last name, and email for each attendee to Zoom when attempting to create a Zoom registrant. If additional fields are required by Zoom, a registrant can't be created. You'll need to remove those additional field requirements.
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