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Who gets what confirmation email when an Event registration includes Zoom integration?


"So, I see the Events app sends out a confirmation email, and also there are scheduled emails, and also, Zoom will send out emails to attendees... how do I know which messaging choice is right for my situation?"

That's a great question!

There are three emails that can be sent to event registrants when they register for your event:


1) The Events App Confirmation Email:

This email will go to the buyer of the registration.  If you are using the Standard Email Template, it will include a list of all of the links for any attendees that they have registered.  If you are using a Custom Template, you can add the list with a shortcode: {webinarattendeelinks}


2) Scheduled Emails:

Scheduled emails can be set up to be sent to the buyer, and/or the attendees that have been registered.  You can use a shortcode to add a list of all Zoom links for all of the attendees included in that registration: {webinarattendeelinks}

3) Zoom Attendee emails:

If configured to do so, Zoom will send an email to each attendee, and share with them their own link to the zoom meeting or webinar.

This handy chart may help to keep them straight:

Email Type --> Goes To -->
Events Confirmation Email -->
The Buyer --> Zoom Links of all attendees on that registration
Scheduled Emails -->
The Buyer and/or Attendees --> Zoom Links of all attendees on that registration
Zoom Email -->
Attendees --> The Zoom link for the attendee address in the email
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