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Adjusting parameters for automatically blocking IP addresses from submitting a Donation page


The Donations app is designed to disable the processing of Donation page submissions from a given IP address after a given number of failed attempts by that IP address to submit a page. For the purposes of this feature, a failed attempt is anytime a Donation form submission triggers a failure directly with the payment processor.

You can manage the number of failed attempts and the time period required to trigger this feature by doing the following:

  • Open the Configuration for the Donations app
  • Click the Payment tab
  • For Threat Incidents Number, enter the number of failed attempts required to trigger the blocking of an IP address
  • For Threat Incidents Seconds, enter the number of seconds within which the number of incidents must occur to trigger the block. For instance, if you set this to 600 and the Threat Incidents Number to 3, if a given IP address has three failed attempts within a 10 minute period, the IP will not be able to successful process any further transactions.
  • Click Save
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