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Help - one of my Event Promo Codes has disappeared!!!


If you had a promo code on your event, and it seems to have spontaniously gone missing, and when you try to add it back you get a message telling you that the promo already exists... it can be pretty confusing!


However, what's likely happened is that you had the promo code assigned to a ticket type, and then you deleted the the ticket type it was assigned to.

So, if I have a ticket type called, "VIP Seating" - and I have a promo code that's associated with that ticket type, and I *delete* the "VIP Seating" ticket type - that can confuse Soapbox, and cause the promo code to not be displayed.

But because it does still technically exist, you can't recreate it.

So, what can you do?  Simply open a ticket with our support team, and reference this article.  We'll be able to get it fixed quickly, and have you back to taking reservation to your awesome event in no time.

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