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Restricting logged in users from changing subscription amounts on the My Transactions view


If you have the Portals add on and the Donations app, you have the option of allowing logged in users to view, update or cancel recurring donation subscriptions. This is done by creating a menu item that grants access and then customizing that view to meet your needs

When updating a subscription, as part of that customization, you can restrict a logged in user from changing the amount of that subscription. If done, the logged in user could update the credit card for their subscription but not be able to select a different amount.

NOTE: Sites using Stripe as their payment processor automatically restrict logged in users from changing subscription amounts.

To customize the My Transactions view in Soapbox for logged in users:

  • Open the Configuration for the Donations app
  • Click the My Transactions tab
  • For Allow Different Subscription Amount on Update, select No
  • Click Save
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