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Enforcing event capacity based on the number of registered attendees for a Campaign in Salesforce


In the Events app, you can set Event Capacity for each event. Soapbox will then enforce that capacity based on the number of attendees registered through Soapbox. In some instances, though, you may be accepting reservations offline and entering them directly in Salesforce so that you have more registered attendees than are reflected in Soapbox.

To account for this, you can also choose to enable Soapbox to check a field value for the Salesforce Campaign with which an event is associated and compare that to the Event Capacity for a given event to determine if an event should still accept registrations. You may choose to use the Number of Tickets field that is part of the Soapbox Events for Salesforce package for this purpose. It dynamically totals the number of Tickets associated with the Campaign. Or you may choose to create a custom field that totals the number of attendees using some other criteria and method.

To enabled event capacity to be enforced by Salesforce, you will need to choose which field in Salesforce should be used by Soapbox to check capacity. This is done on an app-wide basis in the Events > Configuration. You can also set the app-wide default so enforcing event capacity from Salesforce is enabled or disabled by default.

To edit the global defaults for the Events app

  1. Open the Events Configuration view
  2. Click the Reservation Info tab
  3. For Enforce Event Capacity from Salesforce, choose Yes or No
  4. For Total Tickets in Salesforce, select the Campaign field in Salesforce you wish Soapbox to use to get the total number of attendees for a given event
  5. Click Save

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