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Customizing message shown to logged in users on My Transactions view when attempting to edit a Subscription Schedule in Stripe


With Soapbox, you can create Customer and Subscription records directly with Stripe and work with the Soapbox team to import data for those subscriptions into Soapbox. Adding this data to Soapbox allows for logged in users to view their Subscriptions on the My Transactions view of a Soapbox portal, update a subscription, and cancel a subscription.

To update a Stripe Subscription from the My Transactions view in Soapbox, that Subscription must be active and not a future Subscription Schedule. If it is a future Subscription Schedule, a message will be shown to the logged in user when they click the Update link on the My Transactions view.

You can customize this message to provide details on how the logged in user can update their Subscription Schedule with you. To do so:

  • Open the Configuration for the Donations app
  • Click the My Transactions tab
  • For Scheduled Subscription Alert, customize the text you wish to display in the modal popup if a logged in user clicks the Update link on the My Transactions view for a Scheduled Subscription in Stripe
  • Click Save
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