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Restricting event registrations to only allow attendees who are active members in Salesforce


If you're a membership organization, you may wish to offer events for which only active members can be registered. If you have integration with Salesforce enabled and track member status on Contact records in Salesforce, you can do this through Contact Matching Validation rules for an event.

This step-by-step guide offers a specific approach you may take if tracking membership in the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack.

1. Preparing Salesforce

For this use case, we will be using email as a unique identifier for attendees in Soapbox and using it to check if an individual is an active member in Salesforce. To account for member status, you can create a custom Salesforce text field that returns the preferred email address of the Contact only if the Membership Date is in the future.

The following could be used as the formula field:

Field Label: Soapbox Member Email
Field Name: sbx_MemberEmail__c
Field Type: Formula (Text)
Formula: IF ( npo02__MembershipEndDate__c >= TODAY(), Email, "")

2. Implementing a Contact Matching Validation rule in Soapbox

After creating the field in Salesforce, you are now ready to add it as part of a Contact Matching Validation rule in Soapbox.

To do so:

  • Login to your Soapbox administrator
  • Clear your site cache to ensure the new field in Salesforce is accessible
  • Open the event for which you wish to restrict attendees
  • Click the Attendee Info tab
  • Scroll down to the Contact Matching Validation section
  • Click Add Matching Validation
  • In the modal popup, for Source Field, choose Email
  • For Match Fields, select the new Soapbox Member Email field you created on the Contact object in Salesforce
  • Click Save

3. [OPTIONAL] Using Contact Matching Validation with Logged In User Access in Soapbox Portals

If you have Soapbox Portals, you can use Contact Matching Validation in conjunction with Portal's ability to restrict an event or a specific Ticket Type for an event to logged in users. This combination ensures both that only logged in users can register and that, when registering, only current members can be included as attendees.

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