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Restricting Zoom integration to specific Zoom users


In the Events app, you have the ability to restrict the Zoom integration to specific Zoom users. This is most often useful if your Zoom account has a large number of users - in the hundreds or thousands - but only a small subset of those users need to be included as part of the integration.

To restrict the integration, you will first need to get the Zoom User Ids of each user to which you wish to restrict the integration. The Zoom User Id can be found by those with admin privileges in Zoom by doing the following:

  1. Go to Admin > User Management > Users
  2. Click on a user to open their detail view.
  3. View the URL for the detail view. Their Zoom User Id will be included in the URL.
  4. Record the Zoom User Id in a text document so you can easily copy and paste it later
  5. Repeat for each user, adding them as a comma-separate list in your text document

After you have completed this process, login to Soapbox and add them to the Zoom integration section of the Events > Configuration as noted here:

Connecting the Events app to your Zoom account

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