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Automatically retrying Salesforce Lead creation for subsequent recurring payments that fail to create a Lead initially


For subsequent recurring payments of subscriptions, you have the ability to set Soapbox to automatically retry creating a Salesforce Lead record when the Lead fails to be created initially. This is useful for situations when your payment processor sends several payment notifications in quick succession to Soapbox which in turn sends notifications to Salesforce which may not be able to successfully process each of them in time.

To enable this feature:

  1. Open the Configuration for the Donations app
  2. Click the Integrations tab
  3. In the Salesforce section, for Auto Retry Failed Subsequent Recurring Leads, select Yes
  4. Click Save

When and why does the initial attempt fail to create a Salesforce Lead for a subsequent recurring payment most commonly occur?

Payment processors generally run subscription payments in batches in the middle of the night. Notifications of these successful transactions can come into Soapbox multiple times every second or two. While these are successfully handled by Soapbox and sent to Salesforce, the data update process in Salesforce can sometimes throw an error if too many records are sent too closely together.

While there are other potential causes of a subsequent recurring payment failing to create a Lead such as a validation rule in your Salesforce instance, this is the most common.

When will Soapbox automatically retry the Salesforce Lead creation process?

Soapbox will attempt to create a Salesforce Lead for each failed subsequent recurring payment in the queue every 30 minutes at the top and bottom of the hour.

How many times will Soapbox automatically attempt to create a Salesforce Lead?

Soapbox will automatically retry the creation of a Salesforce Lead for a given transaction up to three times, once per 30 minute window. After the third time, the transaction will be removed from the queue and will not be automatically retried again. You can, however, still use the Create Lead button to manually push the Lead to Salesforce.

I set Auto Retry Failed Subsequent Recurring Leads to Yes. What happens now?

After enabling this feature, when a new subsequent recurring payment fails to create a Lead record in Salesforce, the transaction will be added to the retry queue. At the next 30 minute mark - either the top or bottom of the hour - Soapbox will attempt to create a Salesforce Lead for this transaction. If a Lead is failed to be created, the transaction will stay in the queue until it is tried a total of three times.

What happens with existing Leads that failed to be created initially when I enable Auto Retry Failed Subsequent Recurring Leads?

Nothing automatically. Subsequent recurring payments are only added to the queue when Auto Retry Failed Subsequent Recurring Leads is set to Yes. You can, however, attempt to create a Lead manually using the Create Lead button for the transaction.

Can I see if a subsequent recurring payment has been retried?

Yes. If a subsequent recurring payment has been retried, the number of retries will be shown in the Salesforce Information section of the Transaction detail view.

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