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Setting a Subscription as Cancelled in Soapbox after it is Cancelled with the payment processor


If you use, Braintree, or Stripe as your payment processor, you can update the status of a Subscription in Soapbox to cancelled after it has been cancelled directly with the payment processor.

To do so:

  • Go the Subscriptions view in the Donations app
  • Find the Subscription you wish to update in Soapbox as cancelled
  • Click the hyperlinked name of the donor
  • In the Subscription detail view, click the Cancel Subscription icon
  • When the page reloads, confirm that the Subscription Status has been updated to Cancelled

Taking this action in Soapbox will update the status of the Subscription in Soapbox. If the Subscription is not already cancelled in, Braintree, or Stripe, it will also be cancelled there.

Additionally, you can have Subscription records in Soapbox automatically cancelled when they are cancelled with the payment processor.

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