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Why do some Campaign Member record statuses remain as "Targeted" after sending an email?


After you've started the send process for an email campaign (after clicking the Send button in a Soapbox Mailer campaign), you might find that certain Campaign Member records are still set to "Targeted", rather than "Sent".  Here's a few reasons why.

1) If your Campaign's status field is still set to "In Progress", it most likely means that an email hasn't been sent yet to the Campaign Members.  Wait for the Campaign's status field to change to "Completed" and then recheck.

2) If your Campaign's status field is set to "Completed", it likely means there was a communication failure between Salesforce and Amazon.  For more details, if you're using Soapbox Mailer v1.5 or greater, check the Campaign Member's SES SendEmail Response field for a status from Amazon.  If no response exists in that field, it likely means that Amazon never received a message from Salesforce to send an email to that recipient.  If there is content in that field, send that message to our team in a support ticket.

3) Ensure that you have content in the Edit HTML Body button page and the Edit Text Body button page.

4) Make sure any merge fields you are using are formatted properly.  Extra spaces or a misspelled field name can cause Mailer to fail to send to campaign members, and their status will remain, "targeted."  An example would be:

Incorrect: {!Contact.FirstName | Taxpayer}

Correct: {!Contact.FirstName|Taxpayer}

You can find more information on merge fields and how to format them here:


Soapbox Mailer Merge Fields


5) Ensure that any merge fields you are using are correct, and represent existing fields of an object.  Avoid mistyped field names, or the names of deleted fields.   An example would be:

Incorrect: {!Contact.LstName | Taxpayer} or {!Contact.SurName | Taxpayer}

Correct: {!Contact.LastName|Taxpayer}

6) Ensure you have content in the Subject field.

7) Ensure that your Campaign Record Type and your Campaign Member Type fields are both set to "Soapbox Mailer".

8) Ensure that TLSv1 support hasn't be deactivated in your Salesforce account following this support article: Resolving error "First error: Server chose TLSv1, but that protocol version is not enabled..."

9) Re-enter the Amazon Settings to ensure that you have the correct Amazon Web Services identification.  You can do this by going to the Amazon Settings tab in Soapbox Mailer and re-entering the Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key and then clicking the Save button.  Note that after you save this, the fields will be blank, but they will both be securely populated behind the scenes.

We hope the above suggestions help you get your emails flowing again.  Please let us know if none of these do the trick.

Thanks much and happy emailing!

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