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Why are donations being created as incomplete Leads with the default record type?


If you are seeing open Lead records with the default Lead record type for your Salesforce instance that have incomplete donation data, they are likely records representing subsequent recurring donation payments. You will likely need to update your Salesforce instance to effectively handle them.

When Soapbox is notified of a subsequent recurring payment for a recurring donation by your payment process, it creates a Lead record. This Lead record will not be associated with a Campaign and will only contain data for the following fields: First Name, Last Name, Company, Form of Payment, Donation Payment Amount, Transaction Id, Subscription Id, Transaction Date, and Transaction Status. Soapbox attempts to create this Lead using the Lead Record Type "Soapbox Recurring Donation Payment." If the Lead Record Type "Soapbox Recurring Donation Payment" does not exist, the default Lead record type will be used.

If this is occurring, do the following to update your Salesforce instance:

Next, take these steps to clean up existing data:

  • Change the Record Type of the affected incomplete Lead records to be "Soapbox Recurring Donation Payment"
  • Manually convert each Lead record using Option #2 here

All future subsequent recurring donation payments will be of the correct Lead Record Type and should autocovert successfully.

Why were these Lead records being created?

These Lead records were being created for one of two reasons:

In either case, doing the above will address the issue for future subsequent recurring donation payments.

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