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Enabling or disabling reCAPTCHA for your Donation forms


At Soapbox, we seek to maximize the donations your organization receives by following the best practice of reducing the number of clicks required for a user to process a donation. At the same time, we seek to safeguard you against fraudulent transactions through our honeypot feature which protects against spammers while not requiring additional work on the side of the donor.

If, however, in your particular situation, you find that the honeypot isn't proving to be an adequate deterrent from spammers and you wish to add an additional click required of users by adding reCAPTCHA to your Donation forms for all users, you can do so.


You can enable or disable reCAPTCHA for your Donation forms by doing the following:

  • Open the Configuration for the Donations app
  • For Enable reCaptcha on the Payments tab, choose No or Yes
  • Click Save

If you wish to force reCAPTCHA for specific countries, submit a support ticket and we'll be happy to assist.

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