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Protecting against someone running numerous credit cards against your account for criminal purposes


Unfortunately, not everyone submitting your donation form is doing so out of a spirit of philanthropy. Criminals may target your form as a means of testing stolen credit cards to see which numbers are valid and which are not. Often this is done through a spambot which automates the process of form submission so criminals can run through many credit cards in quick succession.

If you wish to reduce spam donation form submissions without interfering with your visitor's experience, you can enable what is called a honeypot. These are a series of hidden fields which only spambots will see which, if filled in, will not allow the form to be submitted.

To enable this functionality for a Soapbox Donation form:

In addition to enabling the honeypot to address automated form submission, your merchant will likely have additional anti-fraud measures you can take to address fraudulent charges. These vary across the different providers with which Soapbox integrates but often include options such as instituting a minimum or maximum transaction amount, limiting transactions from a specific email address within a given time frame, or other steps to guard against nefarious activity. For further details, contact your merchant.

If the honeypot proves to be inadequate for your needs, you may enable reCAPTCHA for your site.

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