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Showing or hiding the Supporters section on Parent Campaign Page or its Fundraising Pages


For peer-to-peer donation campaigns, you can choose to display a list of Supporters and the details of their donation along with any comment they have shared on either the Parent Campaign Page or the Fundraising Pages. This list offers social proof of the value in supporting a given cause and can both recognize those who have given while encouraging others to give.

If you have enabled the Anonymous option on the Donation form and the donor has checked this box, their name will be listed as "Anonymous" with details of their donation still displayed.


To show or hide the Supporters section:

  1. Open the Configuration for the Donations app
  2. Click the Fundraiser tab
  3. For Display Supporters Section on Parent Campaign Page, select Yes or No
  4. For Display Supporters Section on Fundraising Pages, select Yes or No
  5. Click Save
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