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Why do some Events app tickets remain in the Ticket Temp object in Salesforce?



After a visitor registers for an event that has an active integration with Salesforce, in certain circumstances the Ticket Temp object records created by the registration may not automatically convert to Ticket object records.

Here’s some potential causes and solutions for solving this problem.


Possible causes and solutions

1. Salesforce Lead record has been marked with Registration Match Review Needed checked

It is possible that Salesforce Lead record had a partial match to an existing Contact record.  In order to avoid accidentally associating the registration to the wrong Contact, Soapbox Engage will not convert the Lead and instead mark the Registration Match Review Needed field as checked.  Confirm that this field is not checked to rule out this issue.


  1. Log in to the Salesforce org.
  2. Navigate to the Ticket Temp record in question.
  3. Copy the Soapbox Registration Order ID field's value.
  4. Paste the copied value into the search bar at the top of the page and click Enter.
  5. On the search results page, in the Leads section, click the name of the Lead record.
  6. On the Lead record page, confirm that the Registration Match Review Needed field is checked.
  7. If the field is not checked, move to the next potential cause.


  1. Follow instructions in the article Responding to Leads marked as Match Review Needed
    to convert partial match Lead records generated by the Soapbox Engage Events app


Additional help

If this article didn't help solve the problem, please create a new support ticket, and include the following details:

  1. Overview of the problem
  2. URL of the Soapbox Engage Events app page in question
  3. Screenshot or video showing the problem
  4. Salesforce Ticket Temp record URLs
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