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Why do events details page visitors see "0 - INVALID_FIELD: malformed fieldList on retrieve" error?



Some users visiting a Soapbox Engage Events app details page may see the following error message.

0 - INVALID_FIELD: malformed fieldList on retrieve, you must specify at least one field for which to retrieve values

Potential issues

Mismatch between event capacity setting in event and Events app configuration

Most commonly, an event may have the parameter Enforce Event Capacity from Salesforce set to "Yes" in the Reservation Info tab, and in the Events app configuration the Total Tickets in Salesforce has not been set.  The Total Tickets in Salesforce field needs to be set.  For more information about configuring this, please review the following support article:  Enforcing event capacity based on the number of registered attendees for a Campaign in Salesforce.

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