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Membership organizations will love their new ability to create unique codes for Predefined Amounts in the Donations app


With the latest release of Soapbox, we've added the ability to associate a Predefined Amount with a unique Level Code and have this code saved to Salesforce. In addition, we've added support for creating multiple Predefined Amounts of the same value. While helpful in a variety of use cases, this one-two combination is particularly handy for membership organizations using the Donations app to process dues payments. Why, you ask?

Let's say you're a membership organization with multiple membership levels. Some of these levels have unique dues payment amounts. Some have the same amount. So, while it is important to know how much someone paid in dues, you also need to know which membership level they chose.

This Soapbox update allows you to create Predefined Amount options for each that will be saved to Salesforce. This Level Code will let you know which membership level the visitor selected so you can easily build automations the support your membership management processes.

This update further enhances your ability to create different sets of Predefined Amounts for one-time and recurring giving as well as the option you have to display explanatory text next to each option for greater context and clarity.


Required Updates to Salesforce

To save the new Level Code that you add to your Donation form to Salesforce, you need to add the following field to both the Lead and Opportunity object, and update your Lead mapping to map the fields from Lead to Opportunity:

  • Field Label: Donation Level Code
  • Field Name: sbx_DonationLevelCode
  • Field Type: Text (255)

Once that is added, login to your Soapbox administrator and clear its cache. Soapbox will then save any Level Code you add to your Donations forms to Salesforce.

More Information

For more details, check out the following:

Happy Soapboxing!

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