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Setting the default value for showing or hiding tickets based on Begin Sales and Sales Expiration Date values on Event Details pages


With the Soapbox Events app, you can choose to show or hide tickets whose Begin Sales and Sales Expiration Date are outside the current date when visitors view the Event Details page. Choosing to show tickets will have all tickets, regardless of date, appear on the details view. Choosing to hide tickets will have any expired tickets whose Sales Expiration Date has past or any future tickets whose Begin Sales date has not yet arrived to be hidden on the Event Details page.

Regardless of your choice for the Events Details page, tickets which have expired or are not yet available will not appear on the registration view and will not be available for visitors to use when registering.

To view and edit the sales date filter default for all events in the Events Configuration:

  1. Open the Configuration for the Events app
  2. Click the Tickets tab
  3. Under Setup, choose either Yes or No for Enable Sales Date Filter. If you choose Yes, tickets with a Begin Sales date that has not arrived or a Sales Expiration Date that has past will not be displayed on the Event Detail view. If you choose No, expired and future tickets will be shown on the Event Detail view but not displayed or available on the registration view.

    NOTE: If an event has been set to Yes or No for Enable Access Filter rather than Use Global Config will not be affected by the Configuration setting.

  4. Click Save

To override the Events > Configuration setting for a particular event, see Showing or hiding tickets based on Begin Sales and Sales Expiration Date values on an individual Event Details page.

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