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Soapbox Mailer Support for the Salesforce Summer 20 release


***UPDATE!***  This article is currently obsolete and has been superseded by the following article:


Upgrading Soapbox Mailer to Salesforce Guest Site User Updates in Winter 21


Thank you!

Salesforce has changed the way in which guest users are able to edit records through their Sites and Communities functionalities.

Reading this article, and completing the one task below, is required to allow Soapbox Mailer to continue to work properly.  Not completing the task below will stop Soapbox Mailer from working properly.

Soapbox Mailer uses a guest user in order to track two key elements.

  1. Tracking opens, bounces, unsubscribes by a recipient on the Campaign Member object
  2. Tracking link clicks by recipient on the Campaign Member object

If no changes are made to your Salesforce org, starting with the Summer 20 release, the Salesforce update currently has two major impacts on the way Soapbox Mailer functions.

  1. Links cannot be successfully opened by recipients
  2. Tracking of opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes cannot be tracked

While we continue to develop a work-around for this situation, we currently recommend the following steps from Salesforce's own documentation.

IMPORTANT:  This step must be taken to continue to allow Soapbox Mailer to function properly within Salesforce's Summer 20 release.

Step to ensure Soapbox Mailer functions properly

  1. Deselect Secure guest user record access

    To access this setting, from Setup enter Sharing Settings in the Quick Find box.
    Select Sharing Settings and scroll down to the setting.

That's it!

We're continuing to work on a longer-term solution to meet Salesforce's new requirements, and will follow-up with more details in this article when that is completed.

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