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Posting subsequent payments for recurring donations to Soapbox


When a donor makes a monthly donation through a Donation app form, a recurring payment is created with your payment processor. Your processor will then process subsequent recurring payments each month with no intervention from Soapbox.

To enable the ability for your payment processor to notify Soapbox of subsequent recurring payments so that transaction data is stored in Soapbox under Donations > Transactions and then sent to Salesforce (if you have Salesforce enabled), you will need to follow these steps:


If you have Salesforce integration enabled, notifications of subsequent payments received by Soapbox will create a Lead record in Salesforce for the subsequent transaction. To successfully onboard and convert this Lead record, you must:


  • Enable your payment processor to send notification to Soapbox

    Notifications are supported by each of the following payment processors:, Braintree, iATS Payments, PayPal Website Payments Pro, and PayPal Standard. Once this step is done, any future subsequent payments will appear in Soapbox under Donations > Transactions with a Payment Occurrence of “Subsequent recurring." They will also be included in exports of transaction information.

    Once you setup the notification service with your payment processor, all subsequent payments will update in Soapbox, whether or not the initial monthly donation was made prior to the setup of the notification service.

In addition to articles cited above for enabling this feature, feel free to dig deeper by reviewing the following articles at your leisure:

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