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More Registration and Shopping Cart Control for the Classes app



This exciting release adds a great amount of flexibility to the Classes app. For Soapbox sites that have the Classes app enabled, this release allows an admin to enable or disable the Events shopping cart and household registrations on an event by event basis— meaning event registration can be completed with or without the use of the shopping cart or with or without household registration! It also allows for an admin to exclude Contacts from the Household Members drop down so that they do not appear as options when registering for an event.

This update is ideal for anyone currently using the shopping cart but wishing to have an individual event like an annual gala process registrations directly without the user of the cart.

Happy Soapboxing!


  1. Allow Shopping Cart and Household registration options to be enabled on an event by event basis

  2. Allow admin to exclude Contacts from the Household Registration drop down in events

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