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Enabling Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce to track conversion rates and other key metrics for Donation forms


With the Donations app, you can track the conversion rate for your Donation forms as well as a number of other key performance metrics through our integration with Google Analytics and its Enhanced Ecommerce tracking.

To enable this feature, follow the three steps outlined in this article. Then continuing reading for a discussion of how the data is tracked, where you can view it, and some key considerations.

1. Confirm that your Google Analytics tracking Id has been entered in Soapbox

To confirm that your Google Analytics tracking Id has been entered into Soapbox, review the steps in Adding your Google Analytics information to Soapbox Engage.

If you do not see the Google Analytics module in the right column of your administrator control panel, review the steps in Install Google Analytics code to track traffic.

2. Enable Enhanced Ecommerce in your Google Analytics account

To enabled Enhanced Ecommerce in your Google Analytics account:

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics
  2. Click Admin in the lower left of the screen
  3. Navigate to the view for which you want to turn on Enhanced Ecommerce
  4. In the View column on the far right, click Ecommerce Settings
  5. Under Ecommerce Setup, change the status under Enable Ecommerce to On


  6. For the Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting setting that appears, set the status to On


  7. Click Save

Once you have enabled Enhanced Ecommerce, data for all page views and transactions made through your Donation forms will be posted to Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce with the title of you Donation pages used as the Product designation in Analytics.

3. [OPTIONAL] Enter Google Analytics parameters in your Donation pages

While Enhanced Ecommerce data will begin posting to your Google Analytics account once you have enabled this feature in Analytics, you may wish to edit each of your Donation forms to segment your Enhanced Ecommerce in various ways:

  • Open the Donation form for which you wish to enable Enhanced Ecommerce tracking
  • On the Basics tab, click the Google Analytics module title in the right column
  • For List, enter the list or collection to which the Donations app page belongs (e.g. Soapbox Engage Donation Pages).
  • For Category, enter the category to which the Donations app page belongs (e.g. General Donations). Use / as a delimiter to specify up to 5-levels of hierarchy (e.g. 2019 Donations/End of Year/Giving Tuesday). This is particularly helpful if you have several Donation forms and wish to group them in Analytics for easier analysis.
  • For Variant, enter a value you wish to use to define a particular sub attribute for a Donation form. This is only used in rare use cases. 
  • For Affiliation, enter the originating source from which this transaction occurred. It is recommended that you enter Soapbox Engage.
  • For Track Test Payments, select Yes or No depending on whether you wish to record data to Google Analytics when the payment processor for your site is in test mode.
  • Click Save

When and what data is recorded to Enhanced Ecommerce?

Soapbox records each page visit as well as each completed transaction and its amount. A transaction is saved to Analytics as completed when the thank you page for the Donation form is loaded. As such, you must use the Thank You Page on the Messages tab for a Donation form. You cannot use the Redirect After Payment option that sends the user to an alternate page if you wish to use Enhanced Ecommerce tracking.

Where can I view the Enhanced Ecommerce data?

Enhanced Ecommerce data is recorded in Google Analytics and viewable there. To access it, login to your Google Analytics account and go to Conversions > Ecommerce Overview.

Product Performance

Displays aggregate data tracked through Enhanced Ecommerce by product. Each Donation form with Enhanced Ecommerce enabled is a Product. The table contains the following data:

  1. Product: The name of the Donation form
  2. Product Revenue: Total amount of the donations tracked for the Donation form during the period set for the view. This total reflects all one-time and initial recurring donations. It does not account for subsequent recurring donations originating from the Donation form.
  3. Unique Purchases: Total number of one-time and initial recurring donations for the Donation form during the period set for the view.
  4. Quantity: This value is the same as Unique Purchases.
  5. Avg. Price: The average donation amount for all one-time and initial recurring donations for the Donation form during the period set for the view.
  6. Avg. QTY: This is always one as each transaction consists of a single donation.
  7. Product Refund Amount: This is always zero.
  8. Cart-to-Detail Rate: This is always zero.
  9. Buy-to-Detail Rate: This represents the conversion rate for the Donation form during the period set for the view. It is calculated by taking the number of donations divided by the number of views of the Donation form.

Conversion Rate = Buy-to-Detail Rate

On the Product Performance view, you can change the Primary Dimension by clicking the Product Category (Enhanced Ecommerce) option. This will display the same data not by Product but by Product Category which you set in the Category parameter for a Donation form, as noted above.

Sales Performance

Displays individual transactions tracked through Enhanced Ecommerce. You can view them in the table or click through to see details of individual transactions. The table contains the following data:

  1. Transaction Id: This is Id assigned by the Donations app.
  2. Revenue: The amount of the donation.
  3. Tax: This is always zero.
  4. Shipping: This is always zero.
  5. Refund: This is always zero.
  6. Qty: This is always one as each transaction consists of a single donation.

Are donations made off-site with PayPal tracked as completed transactions in Enhanced Ecommerce?

If a Donation form has the PayPal option enabled to allow donors to complete their transaction off-site directly with PayPal, after competing payment, they will be redirected to the Donation form thank you page. This will be done automatically after a few seconds or if the donor clicks the "Return to..." link manually. As long as the donor allows the auto return to load the thank you page or clicks the "Return to..." link to load the thank you page, a conversion will be recorded.

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