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Rundown of recent Soapbox releases from Donations to Events to an upcoming transformation to the Administrator experience


The last several weeks have been a flurry of activity at Soapbox. Along with earlier updates on major new functionality for Donation form conversion tracking, integration with Double the Donation's 360MatchPro, the ability to create unique codes for Predefined Donation amounts in the Donations app as well as a wealth of other items we noted last month, here's a rundown of the other updates that have been made recently to the Soapbox platform.

Donations app

  • Added the ability to designate a given transaction in the Soapbox database as being manually entered. Transactions are manually entered into Soapbox when an organization is migrating existing recurring donation subscriptions from another service to Soapbox.
  • Updated the upcoming donations transaction detail view to display manually entered transactions appropriately
  • Updated the user flow for donations originating on Soapbox and completed off-site directly with Paypal to return the user back to the thank you page for the Donation form on Soapbox
  • Added support for Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking for donations originating on Soapbox and completed off-site with PayPal Standard
  • Improved the My Transactions view and the process for front-end logged in users to update or cancel their initial recurring subscription records
  • Improved form validation messaging for required Boolean field types displayed as a radio group
  • Enhanced validation error logging by recording the text of the error message shown to the front-end user

Events app

  • Added functionality that copies any Custom Salesforce Fields along with the rest of the event when an event is copied
  • Updated the sorting of individual classes under a Course on the Browse Classes view so they appear chronologically first by Start Date and then by Start Time
  • Resolved issues with the Sales Closed Message being displayed in instances where the Event Capacity Message should be displayed
  • Updated form validation so Boolean field checks render any relevant errors at the same time as the other form fields
  • Resolved issues with the flagging of required Boolean fields on form validation when multiple required Boolean form fields are included on an Event registration form
  • Resolved an issue with multiselect picklist fields in the Contact Information and Attendee Information sections of an event registration form incorrectly saving values selected by the registrant to Soapbox and Salesforce
  • Resolved an issue preventing some users from submitting an Event registration form when using Internet Explorer for sites with the standard template
  • Resolved issue with users being redirected to their Classes shopping cart after a successful class registration order rather than being kept on the confirmation page
  • Resolved issue with the display of the ticket price in the add/edit Event > Registration tab and Events > Reservation view modal popup for tickets
  • Resolved issue preventing users from adding tickets for an event to the Classes shopping cart if the Event Capacity was not defined in the administrator

Soapbox Administrator

  • Significant work has been done behind the scenes on a completely re-envisioned Soapbox administrator experience to be launched in the coming months. This has included a revamped navigation approach, new global header elements, and a host of other updates to make the Soapbox experience easier and more delightful.
  • Implemented security patch and made additional security enhancements to protect Soapbox infrastructure and sites

Happy Soapboxing!

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